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18 Qt. Economy Flat Back Bucket
18 Qt. capacity. Use for watering or feeding. Lightweight. Made in the USA...
Starting at : $9.20
2-pc Grab Groomer
2-pc Grab Groomer. Great for shedding horses and mud. ..
3-In-1 Stud Tool - 3-In-1 Tap
Convenient and easy to use...
5-Piece Mini Grooming Kit
Features child-sized grooming tools in a convenient drawstring carry bag: small sponge, junior plast..
Starting at : $11.66
7pc Grooming Kit w/Vinyl Bag
Great stationeryrter kit. Red Only..
Starting at : $20.24
9-Piece Jr. Grooming Box
Complete grooming kit featuring child-sized grooming tools in a coordinating grooming box: Small spo..
Starting at : $25.16
All Hands Grooming Glove
Innovation on the most basic of necessary grooming tools! The ALL HANDS grooming glove is shaped to ..
Starting at : $8.06
Aluminum Hoof Pick with Comfort Grip
Aluminum hoof pick features vertically chisled point to get into the crevices of the hoof, and a rib..
Starting at : $2.66
Aluminum Mane Comb
Mane comb in aluminum...
Aluminum Pulling Comb
Proper Aluminum pulling comb..
Bandage Scissors
Bandage scissors feature a specially-angled blade and rounded tips to allow you to cut right against..
Starting at : $3.56
Big Touch Groomer
Made in genuine rubber with no fillers to outlast cheaper varieties...
Starting at : $8.96
Body Brush
Soft bristle body and face brush. Genuine wood back with web hand strap. Sold in case of 12...
Starting at : $86.40
Bot Egg Knife with Plastic Handle
A handy grooming tool to aid in parasite prevention...
Boxed Grooming Kit, 8 pc.
Boxed Grooming Kit Available in Blue w/Lt. Blue, Pink W/Lt. Pink, Purple w/Lt.Purple. Nylon tote wi..
Starting at : $53.36
Braid Ripper 5"
Handy 5" braid ripper makes removing bands quick...
Super strong. Easy to use. For manes and tails. 600 per pack...
Starting at : $3.22
No Tangle/No Snag braiding bands- pack of 500..
Starting at : $3.56
Braiding Hook
Straight shaft braiding hook allows your braiding job to be completed easily...
Braiding Kit
250 pack of rubber braiding bands with plastic braiding tool...
Starting at : $1.76
Braiding Tape- Pack of 2
Pack of 2 white braiding tapes...
Starting at : $5.85
Braiding Thread
Standard issue in top show barns...
Braiding Thread
Standard issue in top show barns...
Braiding Thread
Standard issue in top show barns...
Braiding Thread
Standard issue in top show barns...
Starting at : $22.46
Clip Braiding Comb
The all-in-one mane tool! Spring-loaded clip holds hair out of the way. Wide tooth comb glides throu..
Starting at : $3.15
Comfort-Grip Shedding Blade
Shedding blade with teeth on one side and smooth on the other. Features soft-grip handles...
Starting at : $6.75
Curved Plastic Sweat Scraper
Plastic sweat scraper in fun colors. Hole in the handle allows for convenient hanging in the bathin..
Starting at : $1.79
Deep Footing Studs- 2-Sided
Medium Oval 2-sided..
Deep Footing Studs- 4-Sided
4-sided with round tip..
Deep Footing Studs- 6-Sided
Round 6-sided with round tip..
Deluxe Grooming Kit
Boxed Grooming Kit Available in Mint w/Navy, Black & Gold, Navy w/Pink. Deluxe Kit has top that clip..
Starting at : $64.40
Deluxe Grooming Kit, 9 pc.
Boxed Grooming Kit Available in three colors.Berry, Lime, Melon. 10" Patterned draw string top ..
Starting at : $60.26
Double Edge Hoof Knife
Features a Stainless Steel double edge...
Economy Grooming Mitt
Made with rubber composite...
Starting at : $3.38
Economy Large Curry
Made with rubber composite...
Starting at : $2.66
Economy Small Curry
Made with rubber composite...
Starting at : $2.25
Folding Stripping Comb with Wooden Handle
Classic stripping comb design that folds compactly into a wooden handle...
Gel Curry
Slip your hand into the pocket for a secure fit. Pink or Purple..
Starting at : $5.06
Gel Grip Reversible Curry Comb
Metal curry features two tooth patterns: rounded teeth for thin coats and sharper teeth for shedding..
Starting at : $8.96
Genuine Cactus Cloth
An effortless way of removing sweat marks and stable stains. 100% natural cactus fibers woven into ..
Glitter Gel Curry
Available in Blue, pink, purple...
Starting at : $4.60
Grass Stud
9/16" Four sided bell with pointed tip 19mm..
Grass Stud 10 4-Side 3/8  Small
3/8". Four sided small bell with pointed tip 19 mm..
Grass Studs  8 - 3/8  Four Sided
3/8". Four sided small bell with pointed tip 23 mm..
Grooming Block
Removes hair, bot eggs. Textured grooming block easily removes loose hair, dust and dirt. Leaves the..
Starting at : $3.38
Grooming Sponges
Large synthetic sponges in brilliant colors. Sold in packs of 10 assorted colors. Sponges measure 1..
Starting at : $7.16
Heavy Duty Detangling Comb
Specially designed Detangling Comb gently detangles even the worst knots without snagging or causing..
Starting at : $1.76
Hoof Oil Brush with Cap- Case of 24
Hoof oil brushes with caps. Sold in a counter display of 24...
Starting at : $35.96
Hoof Pick Brush
Ergonomic plastic handle hoof pick with metal pick and stiff plastic bristles...
Starting at : $1.76