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18 Qt. Economy Flat Back Bucket
18 Qt. capacity. Use for watering or feeding. Lightweight. Made in the USA...
Starting at : $9.20
2-pc Grab Groomer
2-pc Grab Groomer. Great for shedding horses and mud. ..
3-In-1 Stud Tool - 3-In-1 Tap
Convenient and easy to use...
5-Piece Mini Grooming Kit
Features child-sized grooming tools in a convenient drawstring carry bag: small sponge, junior plast..
Starting at : $11.66
7pc Grooming Kit w/Vinyl Bag
Great stationeryrter kit. Red Only..
Starting at : $20.24
9-Piece Jr. Grooming Box
Complete grooming kit featuring child-sized grooming tools in a coordinating grooming box: Small spo..
Starting at : $25.16
All Hands Grooming Glove
Innovation on the most basic of necessary grooming tools! The ALL HANDS grooming glove is shaped to ..
Starting at : $8.06
Aluminum Hoof Pick with Comfort Grip
Aluminum hoof pick features vertically chisled point to get into the crevices of the hoof, and a rib..
Starting at : $2.66
Aluminum Mane Comb
Mane comb in aluminum...
Aluminum Pulling Comb
Proper Aluminum pulling comb..
Bandage Scissors
Bandage scissors feature a specially-angled blade and rounded tips to allow you to cut right against..
Starting at : $3.56
Big Touch Groomer
Made in genuine rubber with no fillers to outlast cheaper varieties...
Starting at : $8.96
Body Brush
Soft bristle body and face brush. Genuine wood back with web hand strap. Sold in case of 12...
Starting at : $86.40
Bot Egg Knife with Plastic Handle
A handy grooming tool to aid in parasite prevention...
Boxed Grooming Kit, 8 pc.
Boxed Grooming Kit Available in Blue w/Lt. Blue, Pink W/Lt. Pink, Purple w/Lt.Purple. Nylon tote wi..
Starting at : $53.36
Braid Ripper 5"
Handy 5" braid ripper makes removing bands quick...
Super strong. Easy to use. For manes and tails. 600 per pack...
Starting at : $3.22
No Tangle/No Snag braiding bands- pack of 500..
Starting at : $3.56
Braiding Hook
Straight shaft braiding hook allows your braiding job to be completed easily...
Braiding Kit
250 pack of rubber braiding bands with plastic braiding tool...
Starting at : $1.76
Braiding Tape- Pack of 2
Pack of 2 white braiding tapes...
Starting at : $5.85
Braiding Thread
Standard issue in top show barns...
Braiding Thread
Standard issue in top show barns...
Starting at : $23.36
Braiding Thread
Standard issue in top show barns...
Braiding Thread
Standard issue in top show barns...
Centaur® Grooming Tote
A staple at every in-gate! Made of Centaur's waterproof/breathable fabric. Lined inside. Dimensions:..
Starting at : $15.26
Clip Braiding Comb
The all-in-one mane tool! Spring-loaded clip holds hair out of the way. Wide tooth comb glides throu..
Starting at : $3.15
Comfort-Grip Shedding Blade
Shedding blade with teeth on one side and smooth on the other. Features soft-grip handles...
Starting at : $6.75
Curved Plastic Sweat Scraper
Plastic sweat scraper in fun colors. Hole in the handle allows for convenient hanging in the bathin..
Starting at : $1.79
Deep Footing Studs- 2-Sided
Medium Oval 2-sided..
Deep Footing Studs- 4-Sided
4-sided with round tip..
Deep Footing Studs- 6-Sided
Round 6-sided with round tip..
Deluxe Grooming Kit
Boxed Grooming Kit Available in Mint w/Navy, Black & Gold, Navy w/Pink. Deluxe Kit has top that clip..
Starting at : $64.40
Deluxe Grooming Kit, 9 pc.
Boxed Grooming Kit Available in three colors.Berry, Lime, Melon. 10" Patterned draw string top ..
Starting at : $60.26
Double Edge Hoof Knife
Features a Stainless Steel double edge...
Economy Grooming Mitt
Made with rubber composite...
Starting at : $3.38
Economy Large Curry
Made with rubber composite...
Starting at : $2.66
Economy Small Curry
Made with rubber composite...
Starting at : $2.25
Equi-Essentials™ Magic Sponge
Large absorbent sponge with soft Magic Wash microfiber outside, and elastic and strap. 6” x 5”..
Starting at : $4.46
EQUI-PURE JELLY Stud Plugs- Pack of 60
Easy-to-use all natural rubber plugs to keep stud holes clean when not in use...
Starting at : $8.96
EQUI-PURE JELLY Two-Sided Wonder Brush
The Better Wonder Brush! Soft bristles on one side with large massaging nubs on the other...
Starting at : $6.26
Folding Stripping Comb with Wooden Handle
Classic stripping comb design that folds compactly into a wooden handle...
Gel Curry
Slip your hand into the pocket for a secure fit. Pink or Purple..
Starting at : $5.06
Gel Grip Reversible Curry Comb
Metal curry features two tooth patterns: rounded teeth for thin coats and sharper teeth for shedding..
Starting at : $8.96
Genuine Cactus Cloth
An effortless way of removing sweat marks and stable stains. 100% natural cactus fibers woven into ..
Glitter Gel Curry
Available in Blue, pink, purple...
Starting at : $4.60
Grass Stud
9/16" Four sided bell with pointed tip 19mm..
Grass Stud 10 4-Side 3/8  Small
3/8". Four sided small bell with pointed tip 19 mm..
Grass Studs  8 - 3/8  Four Sided
3/8". Four sided small bell with pointed tip 23 mm..
Grooming Block
Removes hair, bot eggs. Textured grooming block easily removes loose hair, dust and dirt. Leaves the..
Starting at : $3.38